About Me

Hi, thank you for visiting this blog.

Just call me Ladung. I am an industrial photographer and the owner of Ideam Aeternam; an industrial and corporate photography/video services.

This blog represent my personal thoughts on many things in my life. Most articles on this blog were written in Bahasa Indonesia, while there are also some articles written in English and French.

My specialties are industrial and corporate documentation services for: energy industry (oil and gas, mineral resources, mining), transportation and manufacturing facilities. To capture and documenting the industries, is not just my official job but it is my passion.

I, sometimes do some travel and adventure content as well for my social media.

Based in Jakarta, Indonesia, but me and my team can be deployed and assigned from anywhere within the industries. Onshore or offshore drilling/production location, open pit/opencast mining and underground mining, process-plant, factories and constructions sites are common places for us. Our aim is to create striking images whatever the conditions – dirty, hostile or dangerous. While provide visual documentation services for industrial fields, we are also provide visual documentations services fot corporate or executive profile.

With proven hands-on working in the oil & gas (onshore and offshore) fields, coal mining, factories, transportation and manufacturing, we serve your corporate images requirements. It enrich our experience and understanding of your industry, its helps me to avoid un-necessary subject related to HSE procedure.

I am also an official contributor to GettyImages, as well as a member of Society of Petroleum Engineer (SPE) and Indonesia Petroleum Association (IPA).

A former IT’er with in-depth knowledge, practical experience and international exposure in information technology, energy industry (O&G, coal mining), FSI, and government/public sector, for infrastructure, business application design, web/internet technologies, high-performance-computing, social computing, knowledge management, project management.

Feel free to visit my portfolio on Behance or on my Linktree page.

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