“Longhorn” Goes to Balikpapan – 15 May 2008

As written on my previous post, Balikpapan will the next city for the Server Wave 2008 post launch in Indonesia. The first city for this post-launch was Surabaya, East Java.


I have received many feedback and questions regarding to this subject on my previous post. Hence, I would like to share with you the official invitation of this splendor event. The first Microsoft’s event in Balikpapan. CMIIW.


In this event, I will again deliver a full demo (with 2 pages of Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 slides that will explain the scenario of this demo) of Future Branch Office Solution with Windows Server 2008 that I had delivered previously in the Grand Server Wave 2008 at Jakarta Convention Center. The biggest event I ever involved in as one of its speakers.


The Future Branch Office Solution actually is another magnificent value and benefit of using Windows Server 2008 that can be achieved by using one of its marvelous new feature, called as RODC (Read Only Domain Controller).


While Narenda Wicaksono will deliver the Windows Server 2008 New Features Overview and Visual Studio 2008 New Features Overview.


To those who would like to enroll for this event, you can click on the image below. Or if you can not see the picture, you can go directly to this page.


Server Wave 2008 - Post Launch Balikpapan

Let’s HEROES HAPPEN in Balikpapan. And see you there.

5 thoughts on ““Longhorn” Goes to Balikpapan – 15 May 2008

  1. @ hadi: weits, mantabs punya nih. bukan pesen sponsor dong kan..hehehe. eniwei, itu hostingnya dimana ya? lelet banget eui, atau bukan karena hostingnya kali ya, melainkan hit ke link itu yang ruaar biasa …


  2. waakakaka, qt ndak pake sponsor bos .. tp klu mau pasang ads yah monggo deh, qiqiqi .. gue skrg ndak punya agama bos, apa aja gue hajar .. klu bagus yah bagus, klu jelek yah jelek .. there is no perfect system in the world … hehehe


  3. @ reza: hehehe … ga salah hostingnya kali pak. barangkali hit ke link-nya pak Reza yang emang bombastis 🙂 saya add di blogroll saya ya.


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