SEGO Musik – Photo Profile

SEGO = Rice = Beras = Suka Goyang = Suka Godek 🙂

SEGO is a collaborative project between two DJ-and-producers from Jakarta, Andre Dunant and Jim Geovedi, born through the pressures and inescapable need to run a household and find a handful of rice, so to speak. Unwilling to choose the darker paths as an alternative job, although they do seem a lot more attractive, they chose to optimistically embark on creating something that is both new and entertaining. Thus, a sleek, new project is born. The name is “SEGO”, or rice, in the Javanese language.

Both hailed from two very distinct musical backgrounds, each with his own very extensive repertoire. Based on Techno and House music as their primary element, they have successfully incorporated elements of Jazz, Hip-hop, Broken Beat, Pop and Rock to create an exciting new art form. Boundaries have also been crossed to introduce the expansive notes the Indonesian traditional music heritage into their music, thus introducing a uniquely rich and sumptuous sound.

It is my honor to be able taken the pictures of this upcoming raising stars. These are some pictures I’ve taken.




Above pictures has been edited by Jim himself. Here is the complete profile of SEGO.

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