Moral seorang Waria ..

Agak bingung ingin memulai darimana, menentukan tema dari tulisan ini pun saya arahnya kemana masih belum pasti; serius, humor atau sekedar cerita saja. Tapi mungkin bisa saya mulai dari pengalaman saya pada hari Sabtu malam kemarin. Semalam (tepatnya Sabtu malam kemarin) saya untuk kesekian kalinya menemani kedua kawan saya pacaran, istilah lainnya jadi ‘obat nyamuk’. […]

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Gombal Warming

—–Original Message—– From: Wardani, Endah S. [] Sent: Sunday, June 29, 2008 12:54 PM Subject: FW: Gombal warming   GOMBAL WARMING Cowo tatap Cewenya dengan penuh perasaan, trus ketika dia nanya.. Cewe : "Kamu kenapa sih?" .. Cowo:  "Sakit ga sih?" Cewe:  Sakit kenapa? Cowo:  Bidadari kaya lo, jatuh dr langit.. Sakit ga sih?   […]

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Safety is not free

Yupe. That’s true right. If we are talking about safety, than we are also taking about cost and the amount we need to spent to have certain safety. Wherever you are .. !!!Especially when you’re traveling using an airplane.   Here is an example on how much safety will cost you and you have no […]

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It’s (might be) X rated

This post is meant as an adult consumption, so please guide your child when viewing the content of this post. Odds indeed, but still hilarious.   Hope you can enjoy it. Especially for the one that is now working with 2 real-time systems simultaneously, hope you can finish all the works by this week and […]

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Interesting Words

Folks, I’ve just recently recieved notes by a friend on some hilarious videos that you might want to laugh on as well. It’s all about how you ‘understood’ the words it selves. I bet you’ll laugh ’till the last drop … so, just enjoy it 🙂   The complete history of Jack Schitt   Interesting […]

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