Strong User Authentication (SUA)

Some parts of this article are not came from my own brain, I am collecting its from the internet and then try to summarized on to one simple page with some screen-shot of the SUA itself.


Strong User Authentication (SUA)
How to configure SUA on your Windows Mobile 6.0 device using WMDC for Windows Vista:


• Windows Mobile 6.0 OS: Standard or Professional
• PC running Windows Vista SP1
• Windows Mobile Device Center 6.1 (WMDC) build 6.1.6965

(If you are unsure about which version you have, click on the < ?> in the upper right corner of the WMDC Home Screen and [Select] About Windows Mobile Device Center…see picture below.)



Preparation and initial steps:
1. Windows Vista SP1
2. Windows Mobile Device Center (WMDC)
3. Hard-Reset: Note: This will clear out data, settings, and self-installed programs.

It is highly recommend to Hard-Reset your Windows Mobile device before continuing with SUA.


Remove any external storage cards from the device prior to hard-reset.

4. Date & Time:

Important: After the Hard-Reset, set the correct date, time, and time zone (if necessary).

Standard: Start >> Settings >> Clock & Alarm >> Date and Time.

Professional: Start >> Settings >> System tab >> Clock & Alarms.


WMDC Partnership Creation:
Connect your Windows Mobile device to the PC with a USB sync cable. The drivers should install and eventually the WMDC home screen should appear. If you are having trouble getting WMDC to recognize your device, take a look at WMDC Troubleshooting.


[Select] Connect without setting up your device

[Select] Set up your device

Do not sync anything at this time
[Clear] all checkboxes
[Select] Next



[Type] in a name for your device
[Select] Set Up




The partnership will be created between mobile device and PC Certificate installation:


[Select] Mobile Device Settings and More



[Select] Get device certificates



[Select] I know what certificate I need to enroll



[Choose] from the certificate list: ClientAuth
[Select] Enroll



When prompted to enroll the ClientAuth certificate, [Select] Yes



You will need to confirm certificate enrollment, [Select] Continue on your Windows

Mobile device









The certificate enrollment process will begin on your Windows Mobile device, [Select]

More for Professional or Menu for Standard.


[Select] Install for certificate installation.




Once enrollment has completed and your receive notification, [Select] OK

The ClientAuth certificate has now been installed on Windows Mobile device

Feel free to disconnect your from the USB cable

Disconnect your Windows Mobile device for final steps.

Mobile Operator Data Connection:


Please refer to DATA CONNECTIONS to get the correct settings for your mobile operator. Once you have added the correct data connection settings for your mobile operator, test out the connection. See if you can use Explorer from your Windows Mobile device to browse an Internet site.


Exchange ActiveSync:
Once you have a working data connection, you will need to setup your device to sync with Exchange through the ActiveSync application found on your Windows Mobile device:


On your Windows Mobile device, add the following settings: [Alias/Domain/Server Name]

Start >> ActiveSync >> Menu >> Configure Server (or Add Server Source)

Server Name:


[Select] NEXT Your Alias and Domain only (Do NOT enter your password)

[Select] NEXT Check the items you wish to sync (Inbox/Calendar/Contacts/Tasks)

[Select] FINISH and your device will initiate sync


PIN Creation & Sync:






Your Windows Mobile device should attempt to sync within a minute or so

Upon initial sync you may get this error under View Status, [Select] Sync again






You should be prompted to accept Policy, [Select] OK twice to continue.






You will be prompted to [Create] a 4 digit PIN twice

You can also [Set] a time limit the device will not lock up due to inactivity: 0-1-5-15 Minutes


[Select] Done and the device will finish syncing with Exchange

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