List of Oil and Gas association/organization, companies, utilities and services companies

Yesterday, I received an email from Pak Joi Surya Dharma, one of the respective member of KMI who sent to all of us an email with above subject. It’s quite interested list to know, whether you are in Oil and Gas business or not.


Especially since the crude-oil price that has been fantastically raised above the imaginary level more than USD 100,- / barrel. A tremendous scary pricing level for all of the energy users on this planet. Unless you are one of the capital owner, it might be a good time for you to start another business.




Anyway, just a day ago, the President of the Republic of Indonesia; Mr. Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, has declared his plan to withdraw from OPEC, due to the facts that actually our country (Indonesia) is more being act as an importing country instead of being an active exporting country. Sad it is, but that’s the fact !!!


Perhaps you would asked me, why the hell I’m joining such organization that has no direct-relation to IT.


It’s hard to explain. Perhaps it’s just my another creativity or those organizations are just a time machine for me, to get back to the old days, where I’m still dealing directly with the oil well it selves. Has no predictive schedule, a 24 hours life, no social life and being an insomnia type of person. Well, not directly as a driller, but I do have kind of experiences where it is now shown on Discovery Channel. And I do know those kind of feelings. But somehow I do enjoyed that memories until certain time where I felt so stuck.


Just for your reference, here are the address of KMI and IPA. I’ve modified the list a bit and put some additional information on it for your ease of usage. You could download the complete list from this address.


Enjoy it.

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  1. harr51 says:

    mas ladung ini di password ya ?
    piye bukane mas e ?


  2. Admin says:

    @ Har: benar Pak. tapi kalau sekedar untuk membaca-nya saja sih tidak diperlukan password, silahkan gunakan pilihan Read Only ya Pak.


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