I’m now using WordPress 2.5.1

I was notified last month that WP has its new version, but I haven’t got much time to do the upgrade. And since finally I’ve proper time, I’m now using WordPress 2.5.1 for this very own personal blog pages. I’m also now using a new WordPress theme called MoneyBlogger.


WordPress 2.5.1 has lots of new features and it has many improvements on the backend/administration page. I’m choosing WordPress instead Joomla where I was having involved with its communities in Indonesian couple of years ago, due to the ease of use of WordPress as blogging tools. Sorry guys .. no hurt-feeling 🙂


Not to compare, but however, each of it has its own uniqueness on its features and usability.

4 thoughts on “I’m now using WordPress 2.5.1

  1. @ io: sebelumnya pake HemingwayEx_1.1. soalnya pake theme yang kemaren itu, banyak yang kasih comment katanya seperti situs porno 🙂 thanks anyway bro ..


  2. @ Rahmat Zikri: bukan dong. definisi situs porno itu adalah situs-situs yang biasa lo kunjungi itu, yang berisi kisah-kisah dilampu merah, terminal bis, dll .. hahaha …


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