Work hard, play hard !!

We just have had our Kick Off meeting for the next FY09 in our company. FY stand for financial year, a term that we use. This meeting was intended to celebrate our achievements and togetherness as a team for the past FY08.

The meetings was taken place in Sheraton Bandung (Dago Atas). We do have serious and fun meeting. Also a good quality of time to spent with all colleagues to start our new year.

And here are some pictures taken πŸ™‚

Sheraton Hotel – Bandung

The Meeting

1st day Dinner and Party

2nd day Dinner and Party

Project P and My Band performances @ Gedung Sate

Extreme game and fun

We do pose πŸ™‚

The EO (PT. Siprama Komunindo) team

We are now ready to have another splendor and challenging new days, in order to gain more achievements as well. As a team, as 1 (one) Microsoft !!!

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9 thoughts on “Work hard, play hard !!

  1. @ bhawank: maca cih .. yang mana tuh πŸ™‚

    @ Antonius Yuniarko: nah lho, bukan-nya waktu registrasi gw sapa mas? iya tuh, banyak experiment dgn 10-22, mohon maaf bila masih kacau. maklum amatiran.

    @ Rasita Petrasari: wuahahaha .. yang cowo itu berarti termasuk gw juga ya mba. apalah arti-nya 10-22 gw mba, kalau dibandingkan hasil jepretan FPE seperti mba Sari πŸ™‚


  2. @ Sita: dubrak .. duh mba Sita gitu deh. ga gitu kali mba, maklum waktu itu kan aku jadi tukang poto keliling .. nah karena sering keliling jadi ga sempet moto mba Sita πŸ™‚


  3. mm.. benner tuh.. yang cewek cantik-cantik.. hehhe… (sorry cuma perhatiin yang cewek doang :D, masih normal kekekkee…)
    selamat pak ladung, semoga next year makin sukses…


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