New TechNet Plus :: Download Features

Dari sekian banyak fasilitas yang ditawarkan oleh Microsoft TechNet dan Microsoft MSDN, adalah TechNet Plus dan MSDN Plus. Sebagai sebuah perbaikan layanan dari TechNet Plus dan MSDN Plus. Dan berikut informasi yang barangkali bermanfaat tentang beberapa perubahan yang terjadi pada fitur download pada layanan-layanan tersebut.

TechNet Plus Subscriber Downloads is changing!

In late February we will launch the biggest update to the TechNet Plus Subscriber Downloads experience. We are making it a lot easier and faster to find your downloads and access your Product Keys, and we’re adding new features to help with exploring available content.

Summary of changes:

  • Downloads and Product Key access will be integrated in the existing Subscriber experience (rather than going off to a separate system)
  • Navigation and discoverability of Products will be improved
  • Product Keys will be more integrated with Products
  • Expired Subscribers will be able to see Product Keys they had claimed
  • Subscriber content will be visible to Subscribers and non-Subscribers – but the ability to initiate downloads will be limited to Subscribers who are entitled to the selected product.

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